Pass n' Puff Football (Blue/Green)

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Combine America’s two favorite past-times in one product. You can Pass n’ Puff this football and take in a powerful hit of your favorite smoke. One end (the cap) of the football unscrews to reveal a metal tube.  A smoke placed in the tube and lit and then the cap is screwed back on.  While holding one finger over a small hole next to the threads of the football you squeeze the ball while holding your mouth at least six inches away from the opening at the cap end of the ball where the smoke will be expelled at a rate based on the amount of pressure applied. Enjoy your puff, then pass it to a friend while the smoke stays in place and lit for them to enjoy.

  • Material

    • Ball - Injection Molded Medical Grade Plastic 

    • Cap -  ABS Plastic

    • Tube - Aluminum Metal

  • Dimensions - 4.8 Inches Diameter / 9.3 Inches Length

  • Parts Included - Cap, Tube (smoke holder), Ball

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