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Can it be thrown?
Well yes, but that will depend on you. If we were to make a recommendation we’d say throw it as far as you can!


Will the smoke fall out when i throw the ball?

Not if you follow all instructions. 


Is there a special way to throw the ball?
We recommend that you throw the ball with the cap in the back so that if it hits the ground dirt won't get stuck in the smoking hole.


Can I use a preroll?
If you want to smoke & throw at the same time, you can use a preroll. However you may not want to throw the ball because prerolls are tapered. Results may vary depending on the preroll.
How do I clean it?
Use isopropyl alcohol, pour into the football, put cap back on and hold fingers over both openings in the ball and shake for 30 to 60 seconds. You can usually reuse the alcohol a few times before it is just too dirty.


Do you offer a guarantee?
We guarantee the Pass n’ Puff against manufacturer defects. Meaning, if you receive your product and right out of the box it is broken or does not perform as expected go ahead and contact us.