A new way for friends to enjoy smoking together in a new, and fun way while promoting less contact while sharing.

A few years ago we came across this product that absolutely changed the experience of smoking and after giving it some thought, we believed that we could take it one step further. We spent countless late nights and went through a lot of rolling papers coming up with what we couldn’t be more excited to share with you, the Pass n’ Puff football. Aside from the sheer joy and entertainment that we look forward to bringing into your life, we also are thrilled to be able to bring forth a product that reduces the “contact” factor of sharing a smoke with your friends. In this new world of social distancing, thinking about how the way we interact is changing, we thought that there couldn’t have been a more perfect time to bring the Pass n’ Puff to market…. and the best part, we are manufacturing it here in the USA.

- Pass n’ Puff Founder & CEO